Steve Jordan Drummer

The drummer is definitely the heart beat of any band.

The drummer is definitely the heartbeat of any band. “Groove is King”! We need drummers that are versatile in all musical styles, and must be very comfortable playing along to tracks. Playing paradiddles all day ain’t gonna pay the rent, come out and play for real. We at el-live Productions pay for your to come out, we mean everything, airplane, food, room, Oh yeah and we’ll pay you, Steve Gadd would be proud ineed

To date, our drummers have been outstanding and play a double roll of keeping the groove and keeping an eye on the band leader to dial up the laptop for the next songs. We don’t mess with the drummer.

If you play any other instruments, LET US KNOW! we’re always looking for new and innovative flavors to add to the music and to the show. 

Ask our drummer Jay Jackson, here’s what he had to say “I don’t have to worry about rent, bills, grocery, man it’s music music music, I love my life”

Check us out!

It costs nothing to check us out. Our drummers are killing it right on on stages from Abu Dhabi to Beijing on stage right now. They are doing what they love in the most amazing places on planet earth, musicians should be playing music, PERIOD.


“sometimes you can get too caught up in trying to think about the coordination. it’s got to be about the feel.” Steve Jordan