Male Singers


Looking for onstage experience a passion for live performance.

From song to song, your voice may transport the audience from the depths of Soul to the Pop of the current hits of today. ing it brother, we mean for real every night, travel the world in style and make a living,

We’re looking for versatile, experienced singers with a minimum of 2 years live, on-stage experience, who are passionate about live performance, enjoy experimenting with their voice and all its colors and textures. We want singers who have mastered several styles and like to push the limits of their range while exploring their emotional depth – night after night.

Whether you’re into D’Angelo, John Mayer or Stevie Wonder, we want to hear from you.

You must be “in tune” with every action happening on stage, to support your band mates, the music, the audience and the dynamics between all variables in order to ensure a “harmonious buzz” throughout the evening – night after night after night. We, el-live Productions, pay for everything, that’s right, everything: airlines, hotels, food, the whole shabang,

As one of our MALE VOCALISTS said: “The only thing I regret is not doing this gig years ago, wow what a life changing experience, I just love being on the road”

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What do you have to lose? Check us out and decide for yourself. You can spend your life saying shoulda, coulda, woulda, or you can check us out now!


“Being around great musicians always gives me this energy I’ve had it my whole career.”