Hi friends!

This week’s collection includes some new discoveries and old favorites revisited. I am sharing this at the suggestion of someone very close to my heart. I will be doing this weekly because I truly believe this can be, on some level, a service to many who are searching for the cream in such a vast environment such as YouTube. In my humble opinion, the state of the art of music is at an all time high. There is a massive amount of phenomenal performances and compositions being posted daily. I will simply share my finds with you………….the bits that touched me in some way or another. Think of it as a journey or bus tour through the YouTube jungle. I find it always very humbling to stumble upon  these gems……………….and, always, inspiring. Happy listening!!!

Pure brilliance here. Not much I can say beyond that. It’s so creative on every level. Torched me.

This just killed me. Nathaniel Phillips kills the bass solo and Jeff Lorber, a long time time icon for me, play the heck out out of guitar!!!! A study in groovability. Marlon McClain on guitar, Ricky Lawson on drums, Gerald Albright on sax. Sublime!!

Passion unleashed!! Lucia Micarelli is the real deal and in this piece with Chris Botti, manages to coax an unbelievable amount of sensuality out of this piece…..and Chris. Enough said.

Virtuoso is not a word to be thrown around lightly, but there is certainly an argument for Usman Riaz to be placed on the short list of upcoming masters. Enjoy!

For 25 years, I have followed the music of these guys. It has enriched and influenced my experience of music more than I can say. In this piece, recorded in 2012, they explore deep funk in a jazz based gumbo to achieve a stunning result……………….remarkable!!

– Greg Lassalle