Having lived in the same city for the last three years, I’ve found one of the many challenges to be finding a good hairdresser. I call it my mojo and I’m very particular about it.

The honeymoon phase
My keyboard player recommended his hairdresser. So I made an appointment to see her, let’s call her Mary. At first, Mary did a wonderful job, but over the course of time, her attention to detail waned. She talked on her phone while she cut my hair, chatted with other staff, and stopped midway to attend to other clients. I became less and less satisfied with her work.

There is plenty of fish in the sea…
One day I woke up and decided I really needed a haircut. When I arrived I was informed by one of the other hairdressers, let’s call him Lee, that Mary was off today. I was desperate for a haircut and thought why not give Lee a chance. He said “I’ve watched Mary do it many times Mike”, he knew my name?, “and I can try.” Lee was out to prove himself and I received a great haircut. He’s my new hairdresser.

Nobody is irreplaceable
Now how does this relate to what we do every night at work? “Take care of your customers or somebody else will.” It’s that simple. You don’t make them feel good when they come out to see you? They’ll end up going somewhere else to find someone who can.

Thanks for reading and see you next month.

– Mike O’Reilly