I was on my morning walk near the Apple store in Hangzhou, China when I was struck by a thought.  Not the thought about how much I love Apple products and how excited I am about getting an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the thought of how lucky we are as Musicians. 

Imagine; you’re working on a building, a skyscraper or any thing, and every time you lay down a brick, people start cheering, clapping, telling you how amazing you are cause you’ve just layed down another brick.  A lot of people would love that! Now, go check out any Apple store and see how crowded it is. Staff working their straight 8-hour shifts, handling clients’ demands and complaints, and yet at the end of the day, they don’t get any cheering, clapping, praise and certainly very little, if any acknowledgement for their efforts and expertise.

Being a Musician is an amazing and incredible job in that every minute that you are performing on stage, people are cheering, clapping, telling you how much they love you, your talent, your band, and how much you have blessed them with your performance and this goes on nightly!  That’s how amazing and wonderful a Musician’s job is. 

That’s why you should never take it for granted.  It’s a privilege to do what you love to do and it is your passion. You look good, you love to be on stage, you perform a song and they love you, even if you haven’t written the song, the crowd admires you.

Be grateful, be appreciative, which I’m sure most of us are.   When I think about it deeply, I realize that every three and a half minutes, people take time to acknowledge and celebrate every increment of my job.  It’s incredible. Where else do you get that? Firefighters and the Army don’t even get that, even though their jobs are dangerous, and they save lives, they’ll never experience the immediate gratification that we do as Musicians. 

So, next time you walk on stage, look around at your audience and when they start clapping for you, give them a big smile regardless of how you may be feeling on any given day and say to yourself, Wow… I’m doing what I love to do, I’m being acknowledged and celebrated at every note, I look great, and life is amazing.  So every time you walk onstage, make someone happy! This is one of el-live productions’ mantras that we firmly stand by night after night.  It’s your job to give back the happiness that they give to you. 

Enjoy this gift that you possess, and have a fantastic morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are. 

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