Georges Elchakieh

Georges Elchakieh

Founder and CEO of el-live Productions

Let’s Talk “Wardrobe for Musicians”

I know, I know. But it is crucial to have the best, most attractive, and “intelligent” wardrobe at the tip of your fingers at all times. Your wardrobe items should be practical and interchangeable to maximize a variety of outfits without looking repetitive or boring. Granted, 2020 isn’t the time to spend on new threads so why not take time to go through your existing wardrobe to see how you can revamp new looks until you can invest… Be creative, and be current without following current fashion. Big difference.

Create Your Own Fashion Trends

Why? Because for example, if you follow “Vogue Fall-Winter fashion trends”, they may not suit your body type, and no matter what, by the time Spring-Summer Trends kick in, your wardrobe is bound to be considered “old”. Don’t get trapped. Remain versatile, classic, chic, sexy, add funky accessories to spice things up… Gorgeous, fun, exciting, even inexpensive but effective jewelry, belts, and shoes can liven up the simplest outfits.

Capitalize On Your Best Assets

Within the hiring process, we analyze our musicians’ existing wardrobes and focus on their physical assets. Not all artists are aware of their physical assets. 

A tall slim girl can rock a form-fitting dress down below the knee, whereas a short girl would look even shorter wearing the same dress. Long-waisted girls suit high-waisted trousers whereas short-waisted girls should go for hip-level to create the illusion of an elongated waist and legs. The same goes for heavier male artists to whom we suggest looser clothing and or suits and vests which camouflage and create a slimmer look while respecting comfort and movement. A tie elongates the upper torso, whereas a bowtie can shorten the neckline… Tricks of the trade. 

Nothing Beats a Good Deal $

Initially, a few artists tend to panic when we talk about wardrobe because they worry about the initial spending but keep in mind that building a wardrobe is an essential career investment. In any country that you may travel to or wherever you may live, you can find great off-the-rack fashion styles and sizes that are very reasonably priced.

Shine On Bright Star

Patrons who frequent the gorgeous 5-star clubs that we perform in, want Prestige; talent, live music, choreography, a top-notch show, an experience to remember night after night but what does it all matter if we don’t dress accordingly?  So before you hesitate about investing in your wardrobe, think about how amazing you’ll feel knowing that you not only sound the part but that you look the part.  Be that shining star on stage –  So go ahead and shine on.