“Working for el-live is an amazing opportunity to travel the world with people from different walks of life. The best parts of it are performing music, traveling the world, working nights and meeting new faces. You never know who you will be in a band with and the relationships that you make are wonderful. Learning to work hand in hand with the wide range of situations make for a strong character.”

Bryn Baxter – Guitarist

“Ultimately, they are making more than the musicians…. THE BEST, most PROFESSIONAL and TRUSTWORTHY agency is el-live productions. I worked with this company for three years. If you’re a working musician, this is the best company to work for!! This company ensures that you work and live to a very high standard! They would never take advantage their employees, and they put their employees before themselves! It’s time that we as musicians, start talking…. And help each other out….. so we’re not trapped in a city, location, bar, or with an agent that doesn’t really give a shit about you. I’m so proud to have been a part of it!!”

Ra Charmian Toia

“This experience has absolutely changed my life. I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this job, for believing in me, for giving me a chance. Never in a million years I’d believe I’d be this lucky to travel the world and see beautiful places in Asia and meet wonderful people, ALL while I’m doing what I love doing the most, singing.”

Liz Davila – Female Vocalist

“I am so grateful for the past year and a half in so many ways. I couldn’t believe the improvement as a singer and all round performer! It’s been incredible to watch videos of myself in 2012 and now, in 2014…the difference is huge.”

Emma Langton – Female Vocalist

“I have learned so much from being on the road as a musician. We’ve covered everything from time management to stage presence. There is no way you will not grow as a musician playing 6 nights a week.”

David Howard – Male Vocalist

“This experience has been life changing. I have grown so much since I was taken into the el-live family. I have met some incredible musicians, played in some amazing venues and travelled to breathtaking places. el-live has given me that piece of the puzzle i was always missing.”

Tash Melody – Female Vocalist

“Hey Georges, Well man, I’m lost for words. I’ve made some of the closest friendships I’ve ever had. I’ve learned more in the the last 2 and a half years than I have in 25 years. Thank you, for the experience of a lifetime! I will treasure the memories always. I look very forward to following el-live’s future opportunities and accomplishments. I look even more forward to working for the company again sometime in the future. I’ll be in touch!”

Eric Carlos – Male Vocalist

“This gig has simply changed my life. It has taught me what being a real singer and entertainer is. This gig has made me more professional, experienced, skilled, passionate, motivated, intentional, and driven. I am very grateful, appreciative, and humbled by this entire el-live experience.”

Robyn Jackson – Female Vocalist

“el-live has been a non-stop, colourful, brilliant journey. From my first gig with the amazing “Shades Band”, soloing over Jeff Beck tunes with guru Mike, to hitting the stage every night with five different line-ups of “Diesel Band” and our brazen, ‘Take No Prisoners’ modus operandi. Being surrounded by like-minded, passionate performers is a blessing. What a great team to be a part of!”

Dean Gaudoin – Bassist

“I am humbled every night having the chance to uplift the audience through music. I’m grateful for being paid to practice and perfect my craft. I love the atmosphere and lifestlye el-live provides for me! Thank you!”

Tamrell Hunter – Female Vocalist


“Greetings Georges, The Maximum band has ended their tour at the Hilton Abu Dhabi, UAE. I very much enjoyed their performances. They always put on an awesome show. I’m looking forward to the new group coming to the Jazz Bar after Ramadan. El-Live has collected some of the most talented performers and musicians in the Entertainment industry. Keep up the good work. Take care. Big Fan of el-live.”

James Revels – Bar Manager – Hilton Abu Dhabi

“The Diesel Band is an energetic and flexible band. They know how to involve themselves with the crowd and are socially good with the clientele. The Band is very adaptable, being able to learn two new songs a week.As the band has been playing for over a year together they are well connected with each other and know how to fine tune their songs and add great performance acts into it. I have no doubt that the band will do great and improve business in any place over the world. There repertoire is superb and can entertain anyone!”

Jeffrey Speelman – Bar Manager – Hilton Al Ain