Who we are

Georges Elchakieh

Chief Executive Officer

Marc Lajoie

Chief Production Officer

Michael O'Reilly

Senior Band Leader

Bernard Ferrier

Sales Executive

Its good to be el-live

el-live Productions is the largest International live band company in Southeast Asia, with an extensive number of artists and the broad skills of its management crew, it is truly an international company. The artists and management team of el-live Productions are world-class; they pride themselves in delivering the best product available in the market. We hire artists who are best, from all over the world, we create unique artistic concepts that are fitting of our venues, and we bring the artists together. We train, rehearse, and help to develop them then release them to delight the world. These unique capabilities are due to el-live Productions’ exceptional executive team: a group of professionals that shares a deep understanding of live entertainment in five-star or higher level venues, as well as a keen awareness of audience and operational details. We deliver to the world of 5-star venues the product it truly deserves.