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Musicians Wanted: It’s time to get a gig, for real!

Apr 10, 2019 | Music News

Haven’t you always wanted a full-time job performing live music overseas and getting paid for it? el-live Productions takes care of every aspect of your journey from travel to accommodations.

If you’re a Male/Female singers, Drummers, Keyboardists, Guitarists, Horn or Bass players looking to perform with a great live band and travel the world, this opportunity is for you. We el-live Productions are programming new bands and we need talents of all instruments:

+ Male/female singers 
+ Drummers 
+ Guitarists 
+ Keyboard players 
+ Horn players 
+ Bassists

At el-live Productions we pay for everything, that’s right, everything, airlines, hotels, food, the whole shebang. All you have to do is “PLAY MUSIC – TRAVEL – SAVE MONEY”

As one of our musicians said, “I don’t have to worry about S#$%T, it’s music music music all day, all week, all year and that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted”

It costs nothing to check us out, nearly 100 musicians are on stage right now doing what they love in the most amazing places on planet earth, musicians should be playing music, PERIOD.

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