The Production House

Georges Elchakieh

Marc Lajoie

Bernard Ferrier

The Production House

Georges Elchakieh

Marc Lajoie

Bernard Ferrier

The office team

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The office team

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Founded in 2008
By Georges Elchakieh
and Marc Lajoie

15 Years of delivering world class entertainment

What we do

We create top international artistic concepts for our partners’ venues. We bring the artists together, we train, rehearse, and support them in being the best of the best in delighting and entertaining the world!

Artist Recruitment

Traveling Operations

Artist Training & Managment

Band Rehearsals

Artist Photo shoots

Band Video Shoots

Venue Sound Consultation & Setup

Band Wardrobe Managment

Weekly Artist & Band Leader Meetings

Every Night is Saturday Night

Every Night is
Saturday Night

All of our work is planned
and supervised by a top experienced managment team

Partners testimonials

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el-live is hands-down the best name in the business for musical talent. I have engaged with and worked with el-live’s principle, Georges Elchakieh, since the 1990’s and have watched Georges, without exaggeration, transform the entertainment circuit in 5 star hotel properties through Asia Pacific and beyond. el-live’s promise on delivering amazing musical talent has always been exceptional, however the true service delivery is in el-live’s ability to partner with their clients, tailoring to the business’s needs with a principled and high-integrity approach.

Thomas Connolly
Senior Vice President - Food and Beverage Director
Sanda China Resorts - Macao
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Working with el-live has always been fantastic. It's really more of a partnership rather than just the transaction of securing a band. The team deals with everything very effectively, timely... even in the rare case of an emergency. What always impressed me the most is how well the bands are put together. It shows how many incredibly talented working musicians are out there and el-live has the ability to find them and assemble into entertaining bands. World class and simply professional.

Niklas Wagner
Food & Beverage Director
Grand Hyatt Seoul, Korea
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Working with el-live Productions is a decision that you will never regret! Georges and his team bring quality to a venue and deliver total entertainment. The artists are energetic, focused, proud and perform at the highest level for the customers enjoyment. el-live Productions work closely with the venue operator to ensure consistent business targets are achieved.

Stephen Radcliffe
General Manager
Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
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In my humble opinion, there is no more suitable person than Georges to author the definitive guide for success as a musician on the road!!!

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Georges since we met in the crucible of the Hong Kong live music scene in the mid 1990's and have been privileged to witness first hand the many transitions, twists and turns he and his company have navigated since then. In these 'short' 25+ years, through an unwavering passion for excellence, Georges & team created a world class live music production company, with musicians from all over the world, from many different cultures, who played across the globe - always true to the mantras "Every Night is Saturday Night - Make Someone Happy!'. As an occasional business partner - this invariably translated into happy and loyal guests, teams and results!

By codifying these hard earned learnings that build off years of invaluable experience, George is providing aspiring musicians a roadmap to help them successfully navigate and build a career in the international live music business - A Gig for Life! Congratulations Georges!

Chris Conway
Global COO
Pizza Hut International
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Since 2008

5k Saturday Nights

17 Countries

28 Cities

42 Hotels

500 Musicians

2M Friends